Friday, October 23, 2009

Hung Up

The good news is that they've opened the AIGA SF Fall Gala skateboard deck auction to member submissions for a "People's Choice" competition. But, I have less than a week to come up with something.

The Gala is called "Hung Up" so the idea of a little white penis I immediately came to mind. As a complete outsider to skateboarding, I've always seen it as an angry world of arrested development, withered masculinity and self-deprecation. I still remember when skateboarding suddenly made a comeback back in the early 80s. At the time it seemed to be the exclusive domain of wealthy white kids from the hills who had enough access and funds to indulge in books and videos on skating, along with and the boards themselves. I remember the ugly, grating sound of the wheels rolling on concrete, and boards being slammed and scraped and hurled against anything public, and the marks, and the decals, and tagging, and open wounds. And, I remember not understanding it at all. Skateboarding came across as weirdly self-centered, even antisocial at times. A lot of those kids are adults now. Some still skate. Some are phenomenal artists and designers. And I can't complain too much about an outlet that promotes outdoor physical activity. I've seen more than a few parks with play structures gutted in favor of gardens and benches.

So, I've decided to do submit a design, and to avoid any snarky digs at skateboarders or the subculture. I also won't be including any social commentaries on society, politics, class or identity. I've decided to draw or paint something rich and inspired and beautiful.