Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mama Nunuusha

A couple of weeks ago, a sketch inspired by the "Massive Mama Shun'Ngu" concept inpired me to attempt another giant African monster-queen. Mama Nunuusha seems to be evolving into a minion summoned by dabblers in evil magic. The challenge the far has been getting the colors to balance along with the composition, but the skin tones seem like an improvement over previous attempts at depicting brown skin. At some point I'll have to get bold with the shadows, but the soft details in the landscape are working. The desaturated compliments are helping to suggest foliage and rock. I'm not yet sure why this feels so static and flat, though, and whether or not it that problem can be easily fixed along the way.

Manga Studio DX is proving to be an excellent digital tool for future comic book projects. I'm very happy with this investment. The piece above is a recent experiment created from scratch using Manga Studio, a Wacaom Intuos 3, and a 6D Artpen.

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