Monday, March 24, 2014

More Winter Studies

Scalebending occurs when the right combination of vapors from decaying vegetation distort our perceptions, causing small things to appear large. As I become more comfortable with the effect, I hope to use it to transform less interesting subjects into fantastic ones.
This rock troll seemed to have a sinus problem. Their sneezes typically last 5000 years, so it didn't seem to mind the discomfort.
A group of children, two girls and a boy with a grandmother in tow, approached the rocks while I was pretty far along on a second study. One of the girls apparently had left this "plate of food" out the previous day and was happy to see that it was still there, and that I had painted it. She did not share with me what manner of creature of spirit was meant to eat the food.
Seeing the trunks and limbs of trees as parts of other creatures can be fun. Sometimes, it's the quiet that comes with time alone in the park with my sketchbook, birds, bugs and squirrels that helps me to "see".

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