Sunday, August 10, 2014

Precious Time (WIP)

A few weeks ago, an educator who was seated behind me at a Dr. Sketchy's SF event asked if I had a book of my sketches for sale. I then remembered that I had started gathering every scan and photo of sketches from past events in to an InDesign doc just to get a feel for the potential of such a project. It might be a valuable record of growth and exploration that hopefully celebrates the "precious time" we have with the model and how those spurts of intense concentration informs our work and skillset. It's all pretty "blue sky" right now, and I don't have a release date in mind yet. Maybe regular progress posts regarding the project should keep me on track for a "sooner than later" delivery.

The project currently includes close to 100 linked images from drawing events in Brentwood, Berkeley and San Francisco. The challenge will be in organizing the work in a way that is cohesive and appealing. I also started writing a brief foreword and compiling a list of the models and performers.

Stuff like this still brings up unpleasant memories of struggling with my undergraduate book design project at CCAC, but I really want to make happen. Sadly, I'll probably never "get" typography, or even care about it enough to master its fundamentals or develop my own aesthetic. Nonetheless, the text will be as important as the images, so I had better do my best... or get help.

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