Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Afromancers: Third Natural Digtal Painting Progress

Here's an update to the Afromancers character painting started several weeks ago. Looking back to an earlier, more moody sketch, I think I may have lept ahead too quickly on this one. The pose is fairly generic and static, and you don't really get a sense of who she is beyond her physical presence, costume and weapon. Lesson learned! If I intend to make these little exercises time well spent, I can't skip on getting a good initial pose and expression down in the earliest stages.

My long-term goal is to streamline my painting process and avoid spending too much time blending. 

I managed to slip in a recurring motif in the Afromancers universe. A mystical cyan glow emanates from various devices and characters when they interact with the invisible curl force (cuFo). The Third Natural's palm charger can capture and condition nonalins (also known as non-aligned particles or n.a.p.s) and rapidly spin them into long locks. Larger units known as "spinners" and "twisters" were once used to build defenses against attacking nah'pii.

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