Saturday, July 8, 2017

Jedi Study-Sketch

Star Wars: Clone Wars turned out to be an incredibly ntertaining and character-rich animated series. It was one of my selections when I got my Netflix account earlier this year. Over time, I was able to set aside my general dislike of the wooden 3D characters, goofy cartoon humor and just enjoy the scale of the show as it unfolded. Ahsoka Tano ended up being my favorite character and I was happy to see a post-Clone Wars novel this year. Since Star Wars: Rebels has yet to stream on my current service, I will have to wait a while before I see her in action again.

I took a break tonight to touch up a study-sketch started while I was deep into one of the later seasons of Clone Wars. You can see a bit of another influence in this Jedi concept coming from Captain Sarigar of Alien Legion from the Epic Comics imprint back in the 80s. It has been a long time since I have taken a personal piece all the way to completion, so hopefully I will find the time to finish this one up before the year is out.

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