Friday, January 7, 2011

Cobra Telekinetic

This was fun. I was hanging out with a friend sketching at the Emeryville B & N when I finally wrapped up the pencils on this one, which were done on a sheet of bond scratch paper. I wanted to try out Painter 11's inking tools on a scan of the sketch.

My biggest challenge with Painter continues to be the slowness of the interface. Photoshop has considerably more easily accessed features that enable me to work with more speed and efficiency. Nonetheless, I found the inking tools to be easy to control. I also want to experiment with my 6D pen. I'd like to be able to do the kind of crisp and controlled feathering and fine line detail that I can achieve by hand, or with a brush.
Well, I still have to say the MangaStudio is still #1 for digital inking, but in time, I might get skillful enough to make Painter my second choice.


Rachel said...

Far ahead of me, my friend, I've not even done anything digital. Yours is looking great, keep it up! :)

Rick Lucey said...

Cool looking character. Nice to see the before and after. Funny I am doing some of the same type of deal on my blog. I guess many of us think alike.