Friday, April 25, 2014

Vimana Screenings in London and Los Angeles

Faroukh Virani's USC student thesis film short is "in the can" and set for its first 2014 release dates:

SCI-FI London
SATURDAY APRIL 26, 11:30AM, Stratford Picturehouse:

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
WEDNESDAY MAY 7, 9:00PM, CGV Cinema, Los Angeles:

USC Thesis Screenings
SUNDAY MAY 18, 2:45PM, USC Norris Theater, Los Angeles

Set in the near future, three Indian astronauts are on a one-way trip to a distant planet, Gliese. Unfortunately, the ship's captain, Rishi, passes away after an adverse reaction to the hyper-sleep. Now it's up to the two remaining astronauts, Pankaj and Naaz, to come together and land the vessel in his memory. To complicate things, India's mission control requires them to jettison the corpse in order to avoid bringing biological contaminates to the new planet. But Naaz, who has fallen in love with Rishi, refuses to let this happen. Digital, 17 min., color, narrative, in English and Hindi w/E.S.

Congratulations to the producers, directors, cast and crew. You are making cinematic history!

P.S. The spaceship and space probe in the film are pretty cool!

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