Monday, October 27, 2014

Guest Artist @ Quick Draw SF!! (10/30)

I am very excited to share that I will be a guest artist at this week's Halloween edition of the Paint Pens Collective/Neverending Radical Dude QUICK DRAW SF event.

The lineup of artists is phenomenal and it's a huge honor to be included with Alexis Amann, Steven Russell Black, Jean Chen, Justin DeVine, Megan Kott, Jeff Plotkin, Norio Fujikawa, Zachary Sweet, Ben Jelter, and Annica Lydenberg.

The plan is to craft a series of wacky kaiju based on my favorite TV legends on four wheels including K.I.T.T., the A-Team van, the General Lee, and more! Although, I might just settle for a series of cyborg hats and caps with stingers, claws and spindly legs. And yes, the work will be for sale! 

I should also thank everyone for the incredibly positive response to my Funk of 40,000 Years series. I will have the drawings with me to share and sell if anyone's interested. It's turning out to be a challenging but fun series.

This QUICK DRAW SF will take place on Thursday, October 30th from 6pm-9pm at F8 Gallery/Bar located at 1192 Folsom (cross street is 8th) in SOMA.  21+

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