Friday, December 18, 2015

Resuscitation for Ophidian 2350??

©Copyright 2003 Ophidian Games/Fleer International.
Artwork by Eugene Randolph Young

Back in 2003, my work on got me hired to do 32 pieces for Ophidian 2350. The game got great reviews, but was later cancelled by Fleer, leaving fans in the lurch and an expansion set unreleased. This week, I learned that Hack and Slash Games has picked up the project and has a Kickstarter campaign scheduled for launch on Dec. 31 of this year. They even have have a solid art and design team on board for this new iteration of the game. I'll always be loyal fan of the original art and overall aesthetic, but I'm looking forward to seeing Ophidian 2350 make a well-deserved comeback.

Ophidian 2350 CCG Page @ Hack and Slash Games 

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